December 2, 2013

Sushi shops in Brussels tend to appear at every corner or at least that’s the feeling that I get. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend at Yama Sushi, a Japanese restaurant close to the George Henri neighbourhood. It was well hidden and without my friend I wouldn’t have...

November 29, 2013

Yesterday, my friend who works at Celebrity Fashion and I went eating in Waterloo after the inauguration of the bubble bar/jeans corner/make-over corner. She brought four of her friends which was nice, the more the merrier :D So in the end we were six going to L'Amusoi...

November 25, 2013

My boyfriend works every Friday and Sunday at Fleur's restaurant in Ixelles, the university district as I like to call it. In this very district you will find the Free University of Brussels and its Flemish version the VUB and as you can imagine most students live clos...

November 21, 2013

In some of Brussels bio shops we can find some strange products refrigerated, one of them is from the finish brand Yosa. Never heard of it but I've seen their packaging twice at Shanti. I must say I was rather curious about it as the packaging is eye catching but all t...

October 23, 2013

Quite often, in Belgium or elsewhere, restaurant's owners just want to profit. Understandable but not when they stop thinking of their customers and the sense of satisfaction they provide. Some restaurants have really disappointed me but Fonteyne was definitely not par...

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  • Learn to drift [ongoing]

  • Visit Japan [Jan 19]

  • Ride a bike

  • Get a six pack & more sport

  • Do a perfect split [ongoing]

  • Learn to pilot a plane

  • Become fluent in Japanese

  • Become fluent in Chinese

  • Buying my own apartment



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