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Yosa Probiotic Yogurt

In some of Brussels bio shops we can find some strange products refrigerated, one of them is from the finish brand Yosa. Never heard of it but I've seen their packaging twice at Shanti. I must say I was rather curious about it as the packaging is eye catching but all the explanations are written in German and finish so I didn't understand it. Still I bought the product to try it and it's been sitting in the fridge for 5 days...Until this morning.

So here is what it looks like, mine was orange though because I bought the citrus flavour (the only one available). When you open the cap it looks weird, a bit gluey yellow. I sprinkled some chia seed and pollen on it and mixed everything, it looked even weirder but it smells good. First spoon confirmed it, it smells good and it tastes surprisingly great. The texture is special though, not like any other yogurt made with milk obviously. I looked up the brand on Google and the testimonials and description of the product are interesting I quote:

Yosa is a fibre-rich, delicious snack made of Finnish quality wholegrain oats. Yosa contains plenty of health-enhancing lactic acid- and bifido-bacteria also known as probiotics.

The Finnish authorities’ approval for Yosa’s health claim was confirmed in 2004. According to this health claim, the lactic acid- and bifido-bacteria in Yosa:

Increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in the gut balance the digestion boost the immune system of gut

Yosa contains wholegrain oats which is beneficial for the body in many ways. One type of soluble fibre found in oats, beta-glucan, has been shown to improve digestion, allow a prolonged energy supply and provide extended sensation of fullness.

So far so good, I don't feel full after eating it, it's really light as some website confirms:

  • dairy free

  • low in fat

  • cholesterol free

  • 100% plant based

  • no artificial sweetener

  • rich in fibre and betaglucan

  • probiotic

Looks good right? The only negative point the I found is that a pot only contains 68 cal, 14g of carbs and 1gr of proteins... Still it's a great snack that taste good and won't make you feel guilty :)

So this is a good discovery! And I think I will add it to my diet plan (I don't want to lose weight, just maintain it and gain muscles) that way I might stop eating sweets. We have so many at work, just yesterday a trainer bought us a big chocolate box, before that a colleague brought Sinterklas cookies and our boss came back from Turkey with a box a pastries (with honey and pistachios) so it's hard to stick to my plan with so much temptation.

Also, I mentioned that I wanted to start the Body Rock challenge but I'm having a hard time with the exercises so I broke down the routine and I'm doing bits here and there. For example, some exercises at home before going to work, some push ups and squats at work while I heat some water for my tea :p But I'm definitely going to work out even if it's throughout the day.


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