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L’Amusoir – A change of scenery

Yesterday, my friend who works at Celebrity Fashion and I went eating in Waterloo after the inauguration of the bubble bar/jeans corner/make-over corner. She brought four of her friends which was nice, the more the merrier :D So in the end we were six going to L'Amusoir. They seem to go very often to this bar - restaurant but it was a first for me and a great discovery. Basically from the outside it looks like a regular restaurant but when you push the front door you realise that L'Amusoir is way more than just a bar restaurant. It's like entering another country...

...The interior is very warm, everything is covered in wood and they have fireplaces that truly make you feel like you're staying in a cabin in the mountain, check this out...

When you look at the restaurant from outside, you wouldn't imagine what's in there right? The bar is amazing and the restaurant is great because the menu is simple but delish and the meal come fast so no endless wait for your food. I really like this place! The only small detail that I would underline is the price, I think it's a bit expensive for the portion you get. I ordered a salad because I wasn't that hungry at 21:00 but if you want a good piece of meat it will go above 20€/pers/meal.

This is what my salad looks like; I went for the Cesar Salad. The chicken was very tasty and really tender and I like the bread on top of the salad with olive tapenade. I also found some nuts and dried apricot in my salad which added a bit of crunch and sugar, an interesting mix really :) I highly recommend this place!!

Address: Chaussée de Bruxelles 121 à 1410 Waterloo

Price: depending of what you order it can become expensive. 6 pp. and a bottle of wine cost 130€, so reasonable if you don't order a 3 courses dinner.

Rating: amazing atmosphere, great staff and food!


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