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Phenix - Surprisingly pleasant

We went to the apartment yesterday. It is still empty but we’re doing all the cleaning and today we’ll be bringing some of our belongings. If the car trip goes fine, the kitchen will be ready to use and we may have a mattress to sleep on.

But yesterday we were hungry and we found an Italian restaurant 100m away from the apartment so we decided to try it. It’s called “Phenix” and you can’t miss it as it’s built on a corner, it’s very visible. The restaurant is bigger inside than it appears when you look at the facade. The atmosphere is warm and simple but cosy. We had grissini on the table which is nice; I really like grissini, 1 point for the restaurant!

The menu is mostly Italian but you can find some Belgian food as well. I chose the Chef’s Scallop with pasta and my boyfriend choose the Vesuvio pizza. It took 15-20min for the food to arrive at our table. It looked good and smelled good...Despite the bad pictures.

I was surprised by the ratio price/quality. We ordered: a pizza, a scallop, a coke, a white martini and a glass of red wine and this cost us 35€, not bad for good food no? I liked their pizza but the scallop could have bathed in another sauce, I thought it lacked spices. I added salt and Parmigiano in the sauce. So I’d say it’s a good address with a nice staff and menu. I think we will be going back whenever we don’t feel like coocking!

Address: 480 Rue de Genève, 1030 Schaerbeek

Price: 35€ for two meals and drinks so very reasonable

Rating: I’d recommend as the food was good and price very gentle. The ratio price/food quality is good


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