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Il Perfetto - a Groupon discovery

I admit the actual price shouldn’t have been 12.5€ per person but I bought a deal on the website Groupon which allowed me and three persons to test the restaurant Il perfetto for 50€. What was included in this formula? A three courses menu with wine (starter, main course, dessert). We had to choose between three options for each course which was nice; you always like to be able to decide what you want to eat.

I took the bruschetta as my starter while my three partners in crime took the Melanzane alla Parmigiana which consisted of eggplant in an aromatic tomato sauce covered with grilled cheese...It tasted really great! So did my bruschetta, the four of them had various tastes (tomato cheese, ham cheese, garlic, etc.).

For the main course we all went for pasta: two chose the quattro stagioni and two chose the tomato shrimp. Frankly it was nicely cooked and the portion wasn’t too big so I was happy since I’m not a big eater. The sauce tastes like shrimp and not just tomato and the cheese had a powerful taste so it was great.

For the dessert we tried every dessert they had: Tiramisu, Panna Cotta with caramel and Crème brûlée. I really liked my tiramisu it was homemade so was the panna cotta and you felt it at the first bite.

We were the first clients to arrive around 6.30pm and we were the last ones to leave, we had a great time really. The staffs were nice and helpful, answering all our questions and putting our dishes to heat a bit because we didn’t eat fast enough :p (too much talking).

Address: Relais street 19, 1050 Brussels

Price: We paid 50€ for a 3 course meals+wine for 4 persons because of the Groupon deal so check the website to have an idea of the prices. But from what I understand, the deal was worth 150€ so count 40-45€ per person.

Rating: Interesting restaurant and good cuisine. The chef is Italian and they all speak Italian so it isn’t a fake “Italian restaurant” like so many I tried. Most of the desserts are homemade (not the sorbet but everything else) which is becoming a rare occurrence.


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