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Le Jardin d'Asie - Waterloo

Another restaurant post yes…My week was full of restaurants, maybe a little too much as my stomach is crying for me to stop eating. I’ve had my fill now it’s time to go back to my healthy food and veggies!

But before that, let me tell you about Le Jardin d’Asie. This is a restaurant that I discovered about two years and a half ago when my boyfriend took me there to have lunch. His dad had previously worked during the launch period of this establishment so we always feel welcome and know the standard of this place. A lot has changed since I first came; it’s gotten a lot bigger with a garden, a ceremony side, and better management of space but still a very nice taste in decoration, that hasn’t changed.

The food tends to remain the same but that’s what makes the reputation of the Jardin d’Asie. When I go there I always order what they call “L’oeil du Dragon” (Dragon’s Eye) as a starter because I fell in love with this little delicacy. Basically it’s a mix of shrimps rolled in a ball form (and maybe some chicken) with bread crumbs around it and it’s fried. I looooove it because it’s tasty and crunchy.

My boyfriend had some “frog legs” (not sure if that’s how you call that dish) cooked with garlic, it was good but I prefer the ones that a Chinese friend of our cooks :p after that I had shrimp Sate style but there wasn’t much to eat so I tried some of everyone meals. The lamb and duck were great although very spicy.

The good point about Jardin d’Asie is the fact that it’s a nice restaurant with an amazing garden and even in winter you can eat out there thanks to the heaters. In summer, eating on the terrace is very refreshing, I wouldn’t stay in I found some nice pictures to show you what it’s like because my IPhone decided to take a nap around 10pm.

Address: Chaussée de Bruxelles 492, 1410 Waterloo

Price: Depends what you order but to give you an idea, we were four and we ordered: 3 starters+1 course then 4 main courses + a rice supplement + 3 bottles of wine and it costs us 169€. In this price you have 64€ of wine so basically if you don’t drink as much as my BF and friends it should cost you 30€/pers

Rating: Love the atmosphere, my starter, the restaurant and garden!! The menu is always good.


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