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New Lunar Year at Fuji

Chinese New Year seems to be a big deal for Chinese people and it’s only since I am (almost) part of a Chinese family that I realise it. The celebrations here in Belgium are less spectacular that they would be in China but still, it’s something!! I tried to do some grocery shopping on Thursday in the Chinese markets of Brussels but it was kind of missing lots of ingredients and there were so many people! Probably buying everything to cook for a month of celebration (yes it’s supposed to be one entire month from what I understand). In my BF’s family we go to the restaurant during one looong evening with every relatives living in Belgium and we celebrate If I counted right, we were a total of 26 at the restaurant on Saturday night!

We went to a friends restaurant called Fuji... not a very Chinese name and it’s speciality is Teppanyaki. We ordered lots of different food and enjoyed it very much! Here are a few pictures but definitely not all of them...

Address: Chaussée de Nivelles 100, 1420 Braine-l'Alleud

Rating: Great address, despite the fact that the tenants are Chinese and the restaurant is Japanese :)


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