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Cuberdons - A regional product going International

Who said that the Cuberdon has anything to envy to its cousins macaroons and pralines? Nothing believe me! If until recently this Belgian delicacy was seen as a mere candy, some worked hard to develop a strong/classy/chick brand to turn this regional product into a “must have”!

Belgian Cuberdons has managed to develop a real line and business surrounding cuberdons by creating more flavours, syrups, and more… But of course also by positioning the Cuberdon has a luxury product! At first you would only see the shop sign at Caméléon (Private sales which is already a place accessible only on invitation that is saying something) but now Cuberdons can be enjoyed at “La Terrasse”, the launch of the new Porsche or Cannes!

Cuberdons Léopold are now developing cuberdon flavoured ice-cream that can be enjoyed at ROB (Gourmet grocery shopping), and more delicacies to find at La Terrasse or at an evening opening in Fransisco Ferrent shop…

The Cuberdon is becoming the Luxury regional product that you would stumble upon whenever you go to a select event! Those who saw the potential of the cuberdon are now reaping the rewards of their work! Not giving up is paying big time!

A simple delicacy

Cuberdons are made of sugar, Arabic gum (acacia resin) and fruity flavours (mainly raspberry).

Haven’t tried it yet?? You know what to do!


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