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Fonteyne The Kitchen – a restaurant customer oriented

Quite often, in Belgium or elsewhere, restaurant's owners just want to profit. Understandable but not when they stop thinking of their customers and the sense of satisfaction they provide. Some restaurants have really disappointed me but Fonteyne was definitely not part of them.

I had never heard of this place, it’s my boyfriend, who has excellent taste in food and an incredible knowledge of Brussels’ restaurants, who suggested going there. The discovery was a pleasant one! Fonteyne’s ground floor is the catering part and on the first and second floor you will find the restaurant. I was amazed by the availability of products and meals they sell! Plus I really like the design, clean and simple.

When we arrived on the restaurant floor, we were greeted by a nice waitress who showed us to a table and brought a jug of lemon water, on the house. As for the menu it is presented as a placemat and since it was the menu of the 26th of October I believe they have a new menu for everyday of the week.

So I choose the seafood waterzooi with veggies and rice and my boyfriend took the stuffed quail with braised chicory and potatoes. It took around 10 minutes for our plates to arrive at the table. The small was good, the visual as well and the portion was generous. So I dug in and discovered that the waterzooi (a typical Dutch fish soup normally) was actually an excellent curry with fish, prawns and calamari. It was really good! At some point my boyfriend and I switched dishes to have a try at each other’s meals and it was also really good!

After we finished eating, I went to the bathrooms to wash my hand and I had quite the surprise…This is also why I say that this restaurant is client oriented…There was the soap, some hand cream, tampons and hair spray available for their customers to use. Isn’t that nice? I was truly surprised but glad because I always need hand cream and hair spray :p

This culinary discovery costs us 37€ for our two meals, a coke and a glass of wine [lemon water is on the house]. We didn’t take a dessert as we ate way too much but I’m sure that we’ll come again to try some, like the frogo [frozen yogurt] or the cheesecake and tiramisu.

Address : Avenue Baron D’Huart 27, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

Price: For two meals and drink around 35-40€

Rating: Very pleasant, tasty, good place!


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