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Evening at Le Mucha

The weekend of my birthday, my girlfriends and I went to Le Mucha for diner. This restaurant is located one street away from Long Kee (see here) in Woluwé Saint Pierre. At first sight, the building seems kind of old and the inside confirms it. The decoration is all red and reminds you of an old bistrot style with its wooden floor, lots of old posters and lots of mirrors. The atmosphere is kind of strange and we sat in a round corner.

Since we booked this restaurant via the Resto Days, we were offered a three course menu with some choice. With the braces, I decided to eat something easy to eat :p which means fish :

  • Red tuna carpaccio;

  • Asparaguses

  • A perch filet with fennel puree

  • A homemade Tiramisu

I must say the starters were quite nice but I didn’t really like to fennel puree which had a weird aftertaste. The tiramisu was quite light but lacked the amaretto and coffee flavour. All in all I wasn’t impressed but the food but did spend a nice evening with my friends.

I have to add that the restaurant was fully booked and usually has an old clientele. The servers were running in all direction and I suspected the kitchen had a hard time to getting all the dishes ready which might be why I wasn’t wowed by the food. One of my friends does eat there a lot and finds the food nice but does admit there was something missing when we went.

I would have to try this place again to figure whether the food isn’t that amazing or if the cooks were over worked when we visited Le Mucha…

In terms of prices…I checked for you because we booked through the Resto Days and had a special deal but in general :

  • Starters range from 9,5€ to 16,5€

  • Italian food starts at 15€;

  • Fishes costs around 24€;

  • Meat and poultry starts at 16€

Le Mucha

Avenue Jules du Jardin 23, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre


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