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Dinner @ La Vigne

If you ever visit Auderghem and happen to be at the Tram Museum, make a stop at La Vigne. This place has changed owners several times but this time we may have a great combo! Not only was this place well renovated but the menu got a full lifting too.

Basically we went there with my colleagues as our annual “get together”. We had two menu options : 45€ & 55€ with a choice of meat and fish.

We received a few appetizers: some soupe, foie gras, olives and then it was time to start our “dinner” I took the shrimps as starter with asparagus and cheesy sauce…I can’t describe how good this was !! Every mouthful was a real pleasure of balanced tastes…Lovely! The carpaccio was great too, so tender and full of aromes.

If you are a big eater, portion might be small for you but in my case, it was perfect!

We then enjoyed a cod fillet on leek puree with olive tapenade and a beef tagliata with veggies cooked in butter…My my my…I am not a fan of beef, as a matter of fact I don’t really like the texture of the meat but it literally melted in my mouth. So let’s just say that for once I finished all my meat.

Dessert was vanilla ice-cream with a chocolat moelleux perfectly baked (that means chocolate lava once you dig in!!)

And if you like to dance to burn off the calories of this kind of meal, guess what? They have a club just above the restaurant!

Address: Avenue de Tervuren 368, 1160 Brussels (Next to the Musée du Tram)


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