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A crazy Halloween Party

Halloween is not a Belgian tradition but every year this celebration gets more popular…And for me it is a big deal. Halloween means the chance of getting together and sometimes seeing old friends, having fun in a weird atmosphere, crafting…In short I love planning and hosting Halloween parties :)

Since we moved to the apartment, we have hosted Halloween parties and gathered lots of decorations. Sometimes we buy items but we started crafting too, and now we’re already planning the next Halloween Invitations are chosen and we are learning a few paper maché techniques.

This 2015 edition was a bit different because we started do a lot of things ourselves (DIY) : bats, floating candles, paper maché, we got dry ice and actual brains. We also came up with lots of Halloween dares for our visitors. But dinner is always tricky to plan when you have 15 people over and a few allergies or dislikes.

Here is what the decorations looked like. Next year it might get even crazier!


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