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My trip to Dubai

While I was away from the blog a lot happened, for example I went to Dubai last November. It was my first time traveling to the UAE and by that I mean actually existing the airport (I stayed in transit quite a few times though). This was a work trip but I did get the chance to visit the city in the evening. I probably didn’t see all of it but enough to make an opinion.

  • If I can give you a first tip it is to go in October/November when the temperatures aren’t too warm. I had a nice 28 degrees during my stay and lots of sun which was amazing compared to the belgian weather!

I stayed in Dubai for 4 days. It was just enough time to fly in, finalise my event, run it and fly out. But I don’t think you would need more time unless you visit Abu Dhabi as well. Dubai is a very nice city but I would recommend going there mainly to chill, do some shopping and rest. It is after all a city in the middle of the desert so you are a bit restricted when it comes to exploring, unless again you visit other emirates or the desert.

In Dubai everything is big, shining and new…

This is a striking trait when you set foot in this city, everything is brand new and fabulous. The best way to get a feel of the city would be, in my opinion, to see it from a high place. There is an observatory but so high you can’t see much. On the other hand, I got the chance to visit the Emirates Tower and the view was amazing! I went to the 48th floor I think which is high enough to see the entire “business” center.

Dubai a city of the night

Dubai may look shiny and beautiful during the day but by night you can expect even better. Indeed, everything lights up and the city starts to live again! Visit the Marina, the infamous Fountain, Burj Khalifa or the Creek to get a different feel of the city and meet a lot of expats. You will see that it is crazy how many expats work in Dubai! In hotels, restaurants, shops…Everywhere.

Make sure to visit the Dubai Mall even if you’re not a big fan of shopping. It is probably the biggest mall I have ever visited! It took me 3 to 4 hours to see it all and you have surprises on every floor! Try to find the aquarium inside the building, the Souks, and try some food.

Dubai, city of all possibilities

In Dubai I guess you can have everything you want. If you want to see the desert, sky dive or do anything else, it is possible. I didn’t get the chance to try any of these activities but I am not a big fan of extreme sports so I won’t complain here I am more of a shopper and this was the equivalent of a paradise!

Dubai is a bit different

  • Don’t forget that you are not in your home country and Dubai has a different culture even if it is one the most open-minded Emirates. So dress in an appropriate way when you go out = cover your shoulders and knees, for the rest any good looking attire should work.

  • Don’t be afraid to use taxis, you will find them everywhere and they are quite safe. I used them during the day and at night without a problem. Some taxis are “pink” and driven by super nice ladies by the way. The only thing I would recommend is to be precise when you tell the driver where you want to go. Any touristic place is fine but I asked to go to a specific place (Dubai Knowledge Village) and the driver was a bit lost.

  • Expect everything to be a little bit more expensive than in your country. I did find some difference with the belgian prices.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I don’t everything about Dubai but maybe I can help


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