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SmartMat - Cook different, live better

Don't have time to do your grocery shopping but you'd like to eat healthy? Pick your menu on smartmat.be and have all the ingredients + recipes delivered home!

Smartmat is a belgian company launched in 2011 around a concept becoming more popular by the day : helping individuals and families eat healthier. How do they do it? By composing healthy weekly menus and delivering boxes full of fresh ingredients to your doorstep together with the recipes you will need to prepare your meals:)

  • You can choose between several boxes: 3 days menu, Menu for 2, Quick & Easy for 4, Veggie menu for 2...

  • You can see the menu for the 3 coming weeks and of course you can decide to skip a week or two if you don't like what you see.

Usually meals are well balanced and will include enough proteins, carbs and veggies for your energy levels to be at their best after each meal. You can also expect to discover new flavours because Smartmat does like to to surprise you...in a good way!

I discovered Smarmat by accident while checking the blog of an old friend. I decided to order a Veggie menu for 2 and simply followed a few steps to complete the process. I was positively surprised to see my package would be delivered on Tuesday between 6PM and 10PM, this is very convenient when you work full-time and come home quite late.

So I waited and on Tuesday, the delivery man came with his refrigerated truck :) The box was super cold, ensuring the freshness of the ingredients inside.

When you open the box, you will discover brands you are not used to see on Carrefour or Delhaize shelves. They are bio and organic! You will see that the box includes almost everything you need from nuts to fresh aromatics, veggies looking their best, eggs and products with a good expiry date (they won’t go bad tomorrow but in like 2-3 weeks).

So to be honest, I was very surprised by Smartmat…I really didn’t expect them to be so serious but they are. When you order a box, you will get the best products possible, a well as step-by-step recipes to cook an amazing lunches or dinners.

The box I ordered was supposed to be for 2 people but if you are not a big eater, you can easily eat twice every meal. And if you are a big eater, your tummy will be satisfied.

Will I order these boxes again? Definitely yes! Will I show you more pictures of my second order and the recipes? Absolutely!

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to check Smartmat’s website > http://www.smartmat.be/fr/


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