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De Noordzee – Fish Bar

If you ever set foot in Brussels, my advice to you is to visit one of the De Noordzee- Fish Bar counters in Sainte Catherine or Place du Luxembourg to enjoy a break from walking the city centre. Also called “La Mer du Nord“, this true belgian institution offers a wide range of fresh fishes and seafood cooked on request and to be enjoyed immediately.

Sometimes when I visit the city center, I just feel like eating a good piece of tuna and drinking a warm soup, my first instinct will be to visit De Nordzee. It’s so quick and simple! Just ask what you want to eat and it will be prepared within 5 minutes and you can enjoy a healthy snack with a glass of wine and a nice chat with the stranger eating at your high table.

De Noordzee is infamous for its delicious oysters, fresh fishes and special preparations like shrimp croquettes which are to die for! Last month I visited the Christmas Market Place Sainte Catherine and I had to make a stop at Noordzee. I drank a delicious fish soup, had a tuna steak with herbs and some “solens” also known as “couteaux” in French.

Honestly these Fish Bars are amazing, they offer fresh healthy options for a good bargain and with a smile!

You can find out more on De Noordzee’s website or check the menu options below.


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