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Bai Wei - Noodle Bar

Located in the "China Town" neighbourhood of Antwerp, Bai Wei is one of these "Noodle Bars" you have to try. Unlike many other restaurants in the Van wezenbekestraat, Bai Wei offers a modern and friendly atmosphere. No ultra chinese decorations or dim lights but a super friendly owner and his family to welcome you. I don't know about you but I sometimes get tired of the carved wooden decoration and such :p

What I like about Bai Wei is that they prepare their noodles in house and in front of you, that's always nice to watch. I also like to know that my food (or at least some of it) is fresh and prepared on the spot. You also have a wide range of dishes to choose from and some typical chinese flavour you won't find in Brussels: Tea Eggs for example or tripes, kelp head and more weirdness :)

So far I have tried soups, the noodles of course (with Shanghai sauce) and some meat dishes my boyfriend really missed. We weren't disappointed and actually think about visiting again when we go shop in Antwerp.

In terms of prices, Bai Wei is a average but considering the portion you receive I’d say it is only fair. If you are hungry, try maybe the chinese fondue which is a good bargain. It is actually more interesting to eat a fondue at Bai Wei than buying all the ingredients needed to eat one home I did make the calculation!!

If you’d like to try some food at Bai Wei, go to Van Wesenbekestraat 21, 2060 Antwerpen


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