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Cocotte Shop Paris & Kriss Soonik

Finding exactly what you want can be tricky…Especially when you have been picturing it for years. I had given up hopes to find my happiness but these days more and more new brands appear, more and more designs come to life and best of all…More online shops open their doors! (or windows in this case!)

I have always loved bondage lingerie but it was never classy enough or sophisticated until recently. I have always wanted a top with garter belts but where to find this? Mostly in the US or Etsy. And then brands like Bordelle, Edge O’ Beyond, Nichole de Carle, Tatu Lingerie, Kriss Soonik and many others appeared... And I am soooooo pleased about it!!

So after buying a first bra set at Edge O’ Beyond, I have decided to try my luck with the Kristel Suspender Top from Kriss Soonik. I found several variations of this top on different websites in the UK but my ultimate favourites (which I ordered) came from Cocotte Shop Paris. It was also still on sale among the last pieces available so let’s just say I didn’t hesitate and ordered my size in Black.

Here is what it looks like:

Isn’t this just the most comfy yet sexy looking top?? Depending on how my current order fits I might actually buy more With different sleeves lengths for example and various colours!

I am so glad I found Cocotte Shop Paris! They offers quite a range of brands, the ordering process is easy and delivery is quite fast and discreet. I am definitely adding this shop to my favourites and will keep an eye out for more opportunities!


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