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Chinese New Year @Saveurs Edomae

We had our Chinese New Year dinner at Saveurs Edomae, the restaurant recently opened by a friend of my in-laws. The owners used to have a sushi corner at the Carrefour supermarket but they decided to close it and create their own “brand”. Knowing this, can you guess what they specialise in? Yes! Sushis are an extensive part of their menu together with lunch boxes.

However, they didn’t want to only make sushis so they have diversified their menu and offer Japanese and Chinese well-known specialties. For having tried their cooking skills at home I must say I would rather pick chinese specialties over sushis but that’s just my preference Their sushis are delicious, sashimis too but let’s face it, it is a lot harder to get tasty chinese food than sushis.

So what can you expect them to cook? Here is a glimpse of the menu

About our New Year dinner, I must say I loved it! It is rare for my in-laws and my belgian family to sit together and actually talk. There will always be a language barrier and the fact that they both come from different worlds. But I can see the willingness to try and establish a contact.

We also got to eat such a good food that the atmosphere couldn’t be any better. A fun fact is that we had with us an acupuncturist who also specialises in chinese traditional medicine. I hope we didn’t bother him too much asking him to diagnose us but I think he half expected this when he introduced himself. In short, by feeling your pulse on your wrist he can tell how some of your main organs work. It seems that the wrist ligaments tell a lot about our liver, pancreas, lungs or gall bladder. He also looked at my tongue, eyes and finger nails and finally asked a few regular questions: are you tired, problems to sleep, digestion,…

What was my diagnosis? Apparently my energy levels are low and could use a little kick. He gave me a list of ingredients and instructions on how to make an “energy potion”. It contains dried chrysanthemum flowers, goji berries and dried red dates. You can find all of this at any asian supermarket.

Note: you can eat goji berries and red dates but please don’t eat the chrysanthemum flowers!!

From what I understand, chinese traditional medicine targets the cause of the illness and not the syndrome so it might take up to 1-2 years to see a difference in my condition (improvement of my energy levels) if I take my potion regularly… Which is twice a day every day.

Going back to the nice evening at Saveurs Edomae, here is a peak at what we ate I think I’ll make more posts…It’s so good!


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