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Freddy Pants WR.UP

When your body has an “abnormal” shape in society’s eye, finding pants and jeans that will fit is a real adventure! To make a long story short, I have very skinny legs but wide hips and a regular waist…And I’m 1m64 tall. In practice it means I should fit in a size S AKA size 36. The only small issue is that when my hips fit in the jean, there will always be a problem with my legs. And if the jean fits my legs perfectly then I won't be able to fit in my hips ... Do you see my problem?

So I can say goodbye to jeans from regular brands like Zara, H&M, even Levis won’t work perfectly for me. I found once a jean from Levis that fitted but after washing it twice the fabric became too loose…So it didn’t fit anymore. The “tip” that I received from a Pepe Jean seller was to take a size smaller so it would fit me after a washing the jean a few times. Can you imagine?

Anyway…I like my pants and jeans to fit because otherwise I will look like I am wearing a bag, it is hilarious. And I have that problem with skirts and dresses so the tighter the better…Unless the cut of the cloth somehow compliments my skinny frame. So when I first heard of the Freddy Pants and saw actual customer pictures, I thought why not try these?

What is the Wrap Up “technology” offered by Freddy Pants? (info from the Irish website)

1. The material used is cotton jersey, devised to obtain the utmost control and stretch. 2. The specific anatomical shape and the various bends of the insert which covers the buttocks, create a modelling and holding effect, as well as a push up effect. 3. The shape of the crotch, used materials and type of sowing make sure that the trousers fit perfectly the inter-buttock groove and induce a push-up pressure. 4. Customised silicone band, which improves the waistline fit, with a further shaping effect inserted inside the belt. 5. Extra light silicone membrane, which creates a modelling and holding effect; it is inserted inside the trousers at hip/thigh level.

After this technical minute what’s my view? Well I visited the Freddy Pants Room that opened in Antwerp and I found that any S size jean or pant fits perfectly I have bought two jeans that day and used them for a few months now and even after washing them several times I don’t see a difference in the way they look/fit!

As such, I decided to stick with this brand and to buy my daily bottoms from Freddy’s (daily AKA cloths I wear home, during week-end, dates and such. I don’t wear them at work though considering how tight they’re and the butt shaping :p).

The only downside when buying items from Freddy’ is that they’re expansive (99€-139€) but since the sale period isn’t over, I got 3 more pants this February! And I will probably wait for the new sale season to enrich my colour and fabric collection.

I received the new pants yesterday They’re all straights cuts and in jersey which makes them super comfy…I am in love! So happy with my purchase!!


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