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Quick meal fixes

We often feel that we lack time during our day, or at least I do. Sometimes I want to do so many things that eating seems like the least important of all. That’s why I make sure to store a few quick meals in the freezer so I don’t have any excuse to get busy on an empty stomach :) These of course are mainly asian and homemade though so not for everyone…

Having a few onion pancakes at the ready is great! You just need to through one of these in a hot pan and let it unfreeze & cook. The rest of my options is either steam cooked or boiled, I am talking about dumplings, spring rolls, noodles or sweet rice balls filled with black sesame or peanut sauce. These are great because you can easily and quickly prepare them, eat while busy and yet they’re healthier than most quick fix you might find…Mainly because you know what you buy/prepare if these are homemade.

What do I always keep in the freezer for conveniency purpose?

  • Sweet rice balls (probably healthier than waffles and chocolate :p);

  • Onion pancakes;

  • Dumplings, raviolis, spring rolls, nems, and more;

  • Meat & fish balls;

  • Seaweeds (wakame mainly);

From there you can create a variety of meals ranging from noodle soups in which you through a few leafy greens and meat balls, wonton soups, or feast on dumplings along with a wakame salad on the side.

As I said…Quick and Easy…It takes 5 minutes and you have your meal ready, lots of energy and some exotic flavours to brighten your day! The other option is to make a smoothie but sometimes, you just want a little more.


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