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About over consuming sugar

I started going to the gym and I don’t enjoy you that much yet. So you can imagine that the last thing I want is to sabotage my training by over consuming sugary and processed foods all day long. That means fighting my cravings and finding alternatives…

The good thing in this case is that I like cooking so I don’t mind meal prepping for hours in a row. I try to prepare meals that will provide me with enough energy and proteins to last a few hours and recover from my gym sessions. My typical day would consists of :

  • Pancakes for breakfast with some fruits and berries and a spoon of maple syrup;

  • Sushis or a home made dish with loads of vegetables and green leaves;

  • A big salad with a protein such as eggs, feta, shrimp or lean meat;

  • I always drink a smoothie in the evening;

I always carry fruits with me in case I am hungry or a small soy yogurt so I am not tempted to eat a chocolate barre, cookies or worst. But let’s be honest, it is hard to resist the urge.

I think I managed quite well so far. To help me with sugar consumption I prepared two batches of pancakes and some milk rice to snack on, I loaded my kitchen with fresh fruits and veggies. And in order to make it even more healthy I cook with coconut oil and substitute wheat for buckwheat or rye or regular milk by nut milk.

I also decided to vary my meals and get creative to avoid boredom in my plate. So with the BF we checked on Pinterest salad recipes or chinese specialties. That’s how I ended up making chinese style steamed fish and Shakshuka.

I think I will share a few recipes soon if anyone is interested to test them.


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