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Long Kee – Your authentic chinese takeaway

I just recently discovered Long Kee, through a group discussion my boyfriend has with chineses guys living in Brussels. It’s a small take away place that serves chinese traditional dishes…Or at least more traditional than anything meant for europeans (e.g. Sauteed Noodle or rice, Peking duck and the likes).

You can choose to eat there or take away and can choose from a long menu + suggestions written in chinese on the wall. You will always find someone to translate for you and the manager is super nice and helpful I wanted to test the quality, quantity and originality of Long Kee and I wasn’t disappointed. In short you will receive :

  • Large portions of food;

  • Super tasty dishes;

  • And some unexpected “delicacies”;

We tried the soups which were enormous…Like impossible to finish even for a very big eater (someone who can eat a 1kg burger or Cote à l’Os) but super good! I recommend the one with fish it is to die for! If you are looking someone special how about Jelly Fish?

Another nice thing about Lon Kee is that they prepare lunch boxes for 7€ almost every day. You just need to order them by phone and come pick them up. The menu changes every week which is great and the portion are quite generous. I ordered twice the lunch box and I was very happy!

To find long kee? Rue au Bois 218, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre


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