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Global Village, the all you can eat concept

If you are a big eater and want to enjoy some enjoy and international food, Global Village is the place to try out. I discovered this place a few weeks ago with my mother-in-law. She is usually a nice reference in terms of chinese cuisine so I trusted her choice.

Global Village is a big restaurant with a special karaoke room and a wide range of food to choose from :

  • Soups comptoir;

  • Salad corner with whatever european veggies you know;

  • A sushi and sashimi corner;

  • A cold seafood spot with snails, fishes, shrimps and more;

  • A cold meat (asian too) section;

  • Several fried options: fries, spring rolls, deep fried dimsums;

  • Seafoods and meats that the cook can prepare to your liking;

  • Sweets, cakes and ice creams for the dessert part;

  • ...

SO in short, you will probably find something you will like at one of the corners and if not, ask the cook to prepare what you want. That’s the nice aspect of Global Village: they can prepare a dish of your choice too, usually chinese but they will try to satisfy you in any case.

Everything is surprisingly fresh and covered or put back in the freezer during shifts. Your table will be cleaned on a regular basis by the server assigned to you so don’t be afraid to have a pile of plates in front of you, it won’t stay for too long.

All in all, this is good deal when you like to eat, a wide range a products and many options to choose from. You can also finish your dinner with a karaoke session, they do have a few english songs. I must say this is one of cleanest and nicest "wok/all you can eat" that I know of.

Lunch will cost 16€ with softs or 18€ with alcohol included (12:00 to 14:30)

Dinner will cost 28€ with softs or 33€ with alcohol included (17:30 until 23:00), add 3€ on saturdays because it opens longer so you can eat more :p


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