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Hallerbos - The Blue Forest

If you ever feel the need to escape reality and just breath fresh air, listen to birds singing and simply let go…The Blue Forest is the place to go to around the end of March and mid-April.

Belgium has its own hidden treasure, the Blue Forest. Why the name you wonder? Because this forest is full of jacinthes of course These little blue flowers are blooming everywhere making the forest look like a purple ocean.

Surprisingly, a lot of people talk about Hallerbos but not too many visit it. When I went this weekend, I didn’t encounter that many visitors It might be because getting to the “Blue Forest” itself can be tricky.

Most websites and maps will lead you to the Parking P1 but the Blue Forest begins around Parking 3 & 8 which are easily accessible by car. I was happy to find out that my GPS was smart enough to have the right address.

What I also like is the fact that the Forest is a protected area and to preserve it as much as possible, the neighborhood takes some measures:

  • Dogs on a leash;

  • Horse trails;

  • Super clean WCs truck;

  • Areas for BBQ and pique niques;

  • Information on the website about the blooming season (daily updates)

  • A lot of parking spaces;

  • Many marked tours of the forest availble (1.7, 4, 7km, lots of flowers or not)

If you want to experience nature at a new level, spend a romantic moment or just relax in a peaceful environment this is the place for you!

How find the right place you ask? Enter the following address in your GPS:

Vlasmarktdreef 4, 1500 Hal, Belgium

Then keep driving until Parking 3 & 8 and finally…Enjoy


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