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Cru - New concept store

Cru is a new concept store launched by the well-known supermarket chain Colruyt. Opened last November in Overijse, Cru targets the food lovers in search of authentic tastes and special treats.

This “new” supermarket offers a wide range a fresh products (veggies, meat, fishes, fruits) coming from local farms (often bio & organic) and more exotic ones labelled fairtrade. This indoor farmers market is thus the opportunity to eat local, seasonal, fresh but it is also a good way to reconnect with some forgotten foods.

When you walk in, you will be greeted by some super nice staff always happy to help and answer your questions (how to use your scanning device, how to weight your products, …). What is nice when you visit Cru is that most products presented can be tasted before purchase. By this I mean fruits, bread, fish, meat, desserts,… You will also get the good old paper bags to “wrap” your products and advices from local producers on how to best use your purchase or store it.

What Cru offers is in an experience of flavours, a deep dive into our -sometimes forgotten- culinary roots, encounters with passionate people, inspiration and new local (unknown) brands.

I really like walking in this old farm, check products I don’t know anything about or rediscover tastes I thought were forgotten. I remember that as a child, I really like smoked eel but my parents only found this treat in Sluijs. When we stopped going to this town, I stopped eating eel and I couldn’t find it anywhere until November…This is the type of very special products that is only found in some towns where fishmonger still smoke themselves their products. Unfortunately, with the current industry and big supermarket chains, old skills are lost and with them old eating habits.

So I am glad to walk once in a while at Cru and see that everything isn’t lost.There are still experts and old skills out there, some typical belgian food and they are concentrated in one place easily accessible. It’s like walking down memory lane…

Recently we found some excellent matured meat and as you can see, it is wrapped old style We were able to taste it before buying it and got great advices from a skilled butcher on how to best cook this treat. We also bought my favourite smoked eel which I loved as a child and thought didn’t exist anymore, a belgian gin which happens to be an amazing discovery, some baby bananas and passion fruits labelled fairtrade, pies and bread baked the old way (on stone), and more… My god it was nice and easy!

Now in terms of price, I won’t say it is cheap…On the contrary you will pay for this “luxury” but do I mind spending a bit more on better quality products? Not so much. This is mainly because you know what you buy, what get into your body and you get less disappointed when you have already tasted the products. Basically you treat yourself to a great experience and meal so why no?

Note that if you have kids, Cru will keep them busy while you shop They organise workshops and activities for kids. If you are hungry, a small restaurant area is at your disposal and you will eat a nice meal made from the products you just saw. And if you like flowers, before exiting the shop you will find the flower corner!


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