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Hair Care of my life

Years ago, I stumbled on Barbestore.eu and discovered a wide range of hair cares from all around the world, including some wellknown brands like L’Oréal or some less known such as Matador. What I like most about this website, besides the enormous choice, is that you always find the product that fits your needs and a lot more!

Barberstore.eu is meant for any customer, from the hair dresser to the end customer at good prices. I can’t remember a week without a promotion which is always nice. This is where I buy scissors, hair products, oils, and the list goes on…This is where I found Macadamia, a brand using Macadamia and Argan oil in all its products which don't contain paraben, sulfate and other nasty ingredients. In short it is a lovely line of hair products that will protect your hair, strengthen them and improve their look without relying on nasty additives.

As always, these products can be expensive and if I can avoid spending extra money on these, I will. This is why I always look for websites offering promotions and using Barberstore.eu as an indicator. If I can find a better price, I will go for it. It happened today actually. I was looking for my Macadamia essentials and found Superwinkel.nl

The Rejuvenating shampoo in 1L cost about 37.9€ on Barberstore, well through Superwinkel I got it for 27€. I saved an extra 10€! Now that I placed my order, let’s see how fast they deliver!

If you are in Netherlands or Belgium, check Superwinkel.nl for crazy promotions!

Now in addition to using these on a regular basis, you can always go for a home made hair treatment I have several favourites :

  1. Coconut oil Mask or argan or even almond oil. Just place some oil in the palm of your hand an start applying it to your entire hair & massage your scalp with it. I try to leave it in as long as possible with my hair wrapped in a towel and then I wash my hair. This mask nourishes your hair and skin, you can expect your hair to be extra soft and shiny again…Naturally.

  2. Coconut oil & egg mask. I try to mix the two ingredients in a bowl and then I apply the mixture to my hair. Then like with the previous recipe, I wrapped my hair in a towel and leave the mask in until I have to wash my hair The protein contained in eggs will do wonders to the hair and strengthen them.

  3. Avocado Mask. When I have nothing planned, I mash an avocado and apply the puree on my hair Yep…I start looking like Shrek…But the avocado is a wonder for the hair with its nutrients and fats. Sometimes when the mask is dry, I add some coconut oil on top of whatever puree is left in.

The towel is important in this process. I place it on the heater to make sure that it is warm because this is when the hair will better absorb the nutrients. What I do sometime is heat the coconut oil a bit, especially in winter when it solidifies. It also help with the absorption of nutrients.