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Aux Merveilleux de Fred

If you wander a bit behind La Bourse and in the streets surrounding the Marketplace (La Grand Place), you will stumble upon "Aux Merveilleux de Fred". This small shop sells the traditional Merveilleux, a delicious Belgian dessert made of meringue, whipped cream and chocolate chips, and many new variations: cherry, praliné, coffee, caramel,...

With already two shops in Belgium since 2013 and many more internationally, Frédéric Vaucamps has managed to charm the world with his recipe. Today you can find a total of six variations of the Merveilleux and 3 sizes to fill every sweet tooth! You will also enjoy a new kind of fluffy brioche (nature, with sugar or cocoa chips), Cramique and waffles filled with vanilla cream...Heaven on earth brought to you by Fred!

You might be queuing before obtaining the precious but you won't be bored. You can admire young bakers prepare in front of you the next batch of Merveilleux, Brioche or Waffle. This know-how is simply fascinating!

So far I have tested the 6 flavours and I must say I really like the variations. I am never bored with the original Merveilleux (with only chocolate chips) but these new flavours are a nice addition to the family. What I prefer about Fred's recipe though is that I find it less sweet than normal and a lot lighter as well. It's really pleasant to savour every bite of these little clouds of deliciousness without feeling disgusted by the sweetness :)


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