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Gourmets Every-day

Today is a holiday in Belgium and as such we have a well deserved long week-end. It was the perfect opportunity to get together with the family and go for lunch at Gourmets Every-day in the city centre. This is a restaurant that I discovered last year with my mother-in-law and it was a surprisingly good experience. The French speaking tenant is from Shanghai and of course the menu offers a lot of specialities from that region.

Gourmets Every-day is a small restaurant but a cosy one with an open kitchen so you can see the magic happen if you want to. You also have a wall of suggestions, written in Chinese but you can easily get a translation, no worries here! We picked quite a few items from that list by the way, and asked for some of them to be less spicy...

In short we took a bit of everything: fish with veggies and vermicelli in a spicy soup, rice noodles with onions and beef, chicken and pimento, veggies and eggs of a hundred years in a stock, fried tofu in soy sauce, chicken in a spicy peanut sauce (cold dish), beef and veggies, pork intestines salad, and finally pork cooked the Shanghai way (sweet and sour). You will of course receive rice to accompany your dishes. All in all it was a very satisfying lunch, a lot of tastes and new flavours.

You can find this restaurant very easily, it is located 60 meters from Kam Yuen Supermarket, very close to La Bourse and De Brouckère. From there you can wander in St Catherine neighbour or to the Market Place (La Grand Place). It is lively neighbour so there is always something to do or to see especially with the Christmas spirit installing itself!

If you would like to have an idea of the price, here are two shots of the menu.


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