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Shao Shan - Experience the Hunan flavours

Shao Shan Restaurant

Shao Shan is a restaurant well-known amongst the Chinese community. You will regularly see diplomats having their meetings or just relaxing during the afternoon...You may even meet the Ambassador of China in Brussels if you're lucky. Of course, regular folks also visit Shao Shan because of its authentic cuisine from the Hunan region.

I discovered the place on mother's day, so a few months ago. My first thoughts were that the place is nice with a lot of lights and tables spread across the room offering some intimacy to customers. Then I discovered that the tenant spoke French and English really well, so it was easy to communicate with her and to ask for information when we hesitate on what to order.

The menu offers a few generic dishes, the "europeanised chinese food for foreigners" as I call it, but mostly typical flavours that must be tasted at least once to really feel what Chinese cooking and its diversity is all about. After a lot of indecision, we ordered a wide range of dishes from the menu to get a real taste of the Hunan cuisine which we had never tried before: Fish, Sea Foods, Meat, Veggies,...Every plate came nicely presented in cute little woks, nothing fancy but I liked the simplicity and cleanness.

The Hunan cuisine can be quite spicy but is really savoury. Every bite was an explosion of flavours that we all very much enjoyed. Another point that I'd like to mention is that the staff is very attentive to your needs and really helpful. This attitude adds a little something more to the experience :)

Good Chinese food can be hard to find but Shao Shan is one of the safest bet. My experience was great and I heard many Chinese friends speak highly of this restaurant as well. So never hesitate to visit Shao Shan.

If like me, you want to see the menu before visiting a restaurant > You can find it here, it provide also a good indication on prices. Also, you can reserve a table online by visiting the website of Shao Shan.


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