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Lilicup - A Must-Visit when in Brussels

Yesterday I took a day off to enjoy a long weekend and decided to go wander the streets of Brussels. I started in the city centre and then went to Ixelles, in the Chatelain neighbour. I walked the Louise Avenue, the Bailli Street and ended up around 11 AM, in front of Lilicup.

Lilicup Tearoom - Ixelles

Lilicup opened around 2009, so a little while ago, and is the result of the passion from 2 creative moms with a talent for baking. It is now a cupcake store, a tearoom, a bakkery of delicious cakes/cupcakes made to order (for birthdays and actually, any occasion to celebrate!).

So, going back to yesterday, I needed a break after all the walking in the cold. I needed a little love and a little warm, so I visited Lilicup. The place is very cute: a small corner with 4-5 tables and a counter with all the stunning cupcakes & tarts of the day where you can place an order to enjoy in or to take away. I decided to go for a plain coffee and the Cheyenne cupcake: a vanilla cake base with a nocciola heart and a topping made of krispies covered in gianduja...The dream!

I sat at one of the little tables and dug into my cupcake...I lost the habit of eating so sweet but damn it was good! A light and fluffy cake base, a mix of savours in and out, but never too much...A real balance of tastes, it was a delightful experience!!

After this, I couldn't just leave empty handed so I ordered a few more to bring back home: Tiramisu and Le Season (pear and chocolate...What decadence!) and a slice of pumpkin pie (I miss it so bad!!). I asked the clerk and these babies can remain alive out of the fridge for 3 days, so don't leave them waiting but...You have some time to enjoy them!

All in all, I was very happy with my visit at Lilicup. All is delicious, all is fresh from the day, the clerks are super nice and provide great advices and tips on how to better enjoy your cupcakes, the price is ok for what you get honestly.


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