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Tea Time with Mariage Frères

When winter comes, I like to have my "Warm Me Up" kit ready and it includes a few good teas, my super soft blanket and comfy clothes. If I add a few candles to the list, then I can create the perfect cosy atmosphere to go through the cold days.

When it comes to tea, I like it simple and pure: leaves into water, no sugar added. What I sometimes enjoy however is adding a little spice to my hot drink...Lemon, Ginger, Orange Peel, and the list goes on. This is precisely the combo offered by Mariage Frères.

Mariage Frères - Tea Box

Mariage Frères is a house specialised in tea created back in 1854. You can find this brand pretty much in every corner of the world distributed by sellers, luxury hotels or the official tea houses of M-F. Their products ranges from regular teas to combo and even food but always revolving around t-e-a.

Since I was running low on teas, I had to stock up and while I was paying a visit at L'Inno, I got to taste one of their boxes. It contained 3 varieties of Black Teas with a little twist: Bergamot, Christmas spices and red berries. The flavours are quite subtle, they really don't cover the taste of the tea itself and that's an important point. I think it is important to actually enjoy your tea and not just the additional spices. In this regard, Mariage Frères does really well!

At the moment, I am drinking the "Esprit de Noël" aka the Christmas tea. It has subtle notes of agrums and cinnamon which remind of Gluhwein and Apple Cider!! It is really perfect to drink in December paired with cookies or cinnamon rolls...

The main downside though is the price of these teas, they're a bit expansive but then again...Any good tea is expensive (look at good sencha, matcha, Ceyla tea BOPF,...). You can buy the brand at L'Inno, Rob,online or for example in tearooms like Lilicup...

... Don't forget it also makes the perfect gift for a tea lover ;)

Mariage Frères Tea Box


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