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Music for Life @ SAP Brussels

Every year in December, the Dutch Community from Belgium organises what's called De Warmste Week / Music for Life. The Studio-Brussel and Red Cross always organise a big event to raise money for good causes but you can also contribute. Every year, SAP Brussels (my neighbour company) organises a little something at building level. Last year it was a bull riding competition and this year an "Old School Game Night".

The event started at 5:30 on the ground floor of the building, in a courtyard decorated for the occasion. A few fires were light up, there was a good band, arcade games, food and drinks and more! It was really fun to meet with building colleagues that we don't see everyday. From time to time we see each other in the lift or when they're smoking outside but that's about it. It was great to get all together to have fun for a good cause!

1€ = A coin and for every game you needed a coin, it was the same for drinks and food. It's not much but every action counts and I believe we raised quite some money, especially with the boxing ball! People were lining up to give their best at this machine but ultimately, my BF got the best score I was so proud!! We also had fun in teams at the kicker and the flipper, it's been so long since we last played these! It reminds me of school time to be honest..

We left around 8PM but the event went on until 10:30PM. I think we made new friends and I hope we'll be able to stay in touch, after all we are working in the same building!


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