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Game Night at The Old Oak

The Old Oak - Irish Pub

The Old Oak is an Irish Pub that I discovered a few years ago during the Football World Cup. I really love the atmosphere during game nights it is really crazy but also so much fun! It is like we know everyone and cheer for our teams, and we laugh a lot around a good beer. To make a long story short, the Old Oak is my go to during World Cups of Football and Rugby...I know that I will spend a great evening if I visit this Pub!

Now I must admit that I don't just go for the matches but also for the food. It is not the healthiest options (although there are some) but it is really tasty :) I like to order Chicken Wings (6,5€ or 12€), the BBQ Burger (14€), the Nachos bowl (6€), the wedges (around 6€), and more! I also had the opportunity to try a lunch for two made during which we ordered: the Baked Teriyaki Salmon and the Beer battered Cod.

Both dishes were nicely presented and very tasty, plus during lunch time the pub is a lot quieter so we really enjoyed ourselves. And as you can see, there are healthier options too as well as salads and vegetarian food. If you are not sure what to take, do not hesitate to ask the staff is very nice and helpful and orders can be a bit customised if needed!

At the Old Oak

Again prices won't kill you and you can be sure to spend a nice evening at The Old Oak! To have a look at the menu, check this link > http://www.celticpubs.com/oldoak/OakMenu.htm


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