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A little cuteness never hurts

Writing in a notebook is one thing, writing in a pretty notebook is another...It's better, nicer, funnier. I could obviously work on a plain and simple page but I find it much more motivating to work in something I like. When I am looking for a nice item I know I count on my friend Julie who runs the Select Copy close to Schuman. She always has a lot of cute notebooks, agendas, pens, and other stationeries.

Items from Select Copy

I try to be as organised as possible and "lists" help a lot especially to manage projects on the long term or to dispatch work. It's also nice for grocery shopping or to keep track of the holidays left!! In my last visit to Select Copy, I got my hands on lists for work and on a magnetic one for my shopping, it is now proudly hanging on my fridge.

I also bought two lovely black note books because I like to write down ideas and projects or summarise my Japanese lessons. You can find these with lines, squares and dots depending on what you need them for! I really like the shimmery cover with dots, I have it also in grey and gold. Also the combo black and gold is always perfect!

To bring my to-do list to a new levels and manage project in a colourful and visual way, I found little page stickers with status (?, V, ..., !) They are really useful for me to know what is urgent, pending, requiring input from a colleague and such.

Finally, I got a few beautiful Christmas Cards which also come with a gift envelopes if you are planning to offer a voucher, gift card or some money. It's really cute, handy and special! In addition, I took two little gift bags which work better than wrapping! I am all geared up for Christmas gift trust me!

Oh, and remember those cute little black pencils I found at Nias but that were all broken? Well Julie got them in stock so I got them!! It's so cute...

Cute Little Black Pencils