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BeWine - More than just a Restaurant

I have discovered BeWine 5 years ago and since then I know that whenever I visit this restaurant, I will get 30 years of cooking skills in my plate. I think we can all agree that what truly makes a restaurant is his Chef. Too often I go to a restaurant after a year or two, wanting to enjoy again some typical savours again , and end up disappointed because the chef is gone and so are his skills. At BeWine the master of the kitchen hasn't changed and after three years, my taste buds still recognise his talents.

Welcome at BeWine

Located in Strombeek, BeWine is primarily a Wine Shop/Bar with a side of the building turned into a restaurant. The strengths of this establishment is its short menu, changing every three months, and a wide selection of excellent wines and spirits. In short, BeWine masters both the kitchen and the cellar which is an amazing combo.

The restaurant itself is small and decorated with taste, accommodating about 20 persons. Recently, they exchanged the paintings I liked so much for photos from Defunès's movies all around good food and tables. In a way, it fits quite well with the spirit of the place: Bringing back to our tables a rich heritage of savours...with a twist! Eating at BeWine is a bit like rediscovering old recipes through new ingredients and different techniques.

As explained, the menu changes every three months and not before the Chef has come up with perfected dishes. From what I know, he likes to reinvent himself and his recipes, and this takes a passionate to do so! Long story short...When you eat at BeWine you too can expect 30 years of cooking skills in your plate! Now let's look at the current menu!...

This is the short menu currently available and usually short menus = dishes mastered by the chef, made with extra fresh and noble products, for you on order. At least that's what happens in the kitchen of BeWine.

On Friday night, we ordered the sea bass and the Irish Steak and both were wonderful experiences. While we were waiting for the food to arrive, we receive a little pot of chervil soup which reminded us of lunches at school...Very tasty and warming. We also took glasses of wine and it is so nice to have a large choice of grape variety to choose from. If you are unsure what to order, just speak to Julien and he will advise you.

To tell you a little story about BeWine and me, it is the only place where I, a non drinker, have found a wine that was "ok". To make a long story short...I do not drink alcohol and I do not like at all the taste of wine or champagne. However, Julien managed to find a bottle that didn't make me frown or spit the wine back to the glass. Hats down!

Back to our menu from Friday night! The sea bass came with asparagus, beans and a purée, in a delicious tomato butter. As for the Irish Steak accompanied by tomatoes, onion and potato cakes bathing in a tasty meat sauce. As usual you can distinct all flavours, which are perfectly balanced in order not to mask other ingredients. I was really happy with our chance and intent to try the rest of the menu when we go back for our late Family Christmas Dinner.

A particularity of BeWine, that I discovered on Friday, is that they came up with a "menu" for the small eaters like me! From now on, you can order half a starter and half a main course! Or, if you want to try more dishes, you can order 2 half starters and 2 half main courses plus dessert and 4 glasses of wine! This novelty made my day as I always struggle to make a choice!

At the end of this post, you will have understood that I completely recommend BeWine for its savoir-faire, amazing menu (always!), warm welcome and cellar! Check their Facebook account and read their latest news!


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