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Chocolate Wonderland at Neuhaus Factory Store

If you are a chocolate lover, more specifically a Neuhaus lover, then I suggest you head to the Factory Store located in Vlezenbeek to enjoy a treat at a delicious price.

Neuhaus Factory Store in Vlezenbeek

I like chocolate in moderation but I love to offer a box on some occasions, it's always a gesture that will be appreciated and that will brighten the moment...But let's face it, chocolate can be pricey and even in some cases a luxury. So when I can make someone happy without hurting my bank account, it's a win-win! That's what happened today at the Neuhaus Factory Store.

Since I was already in Anderlecht today and that Vlezenbeek is only 10 minutes away, I decided to pay a visit to Neuhaus and see their Christmas/New Year offers. Upon entering, you will be welcomed by open boxes of chocolate for you to taste, exactly what we all need after driving across Brussels!

The store isn't big but it is quite well stocked and packed with visitors. You will immediately see the entire Neuhaus collection, most of it at competitive price, and a corner full of "Second Choix". Beware, some boxes are not discounted so keep an eye out for "promotion signs". As I said before, you can taste almost everything so you cannot make a wrong decision, only get an overdose of sweets. My advice: Sample, Sample, Sample!

The most interesting deals at Neuhaus Factory Store are the "second choix" a.k.a boxes of 1 kg of a particular praline (= bulk buying). In this case, the best option is to come with friends and share 3 boxes to have a nice assortment. I really like the truffles during winter so I took one of these for 20€, 3 boxes cost 40€...Can you beat this?!

I also took a few boxes of pralines to offer from what they call the "Lucky Corner". In short, you get 3 boxes of 350gr for 15€ and 3 discovery boxes for 40€. It's won't beat the "Second Choix" but hey, they're assortments in beautiful boxes and would normally cost around 29€ ~ 32€ each. Obviously the best deals are for boxes that are end of stock, not produced in November 2016 but they're still damn good! I also fell for the cocoa powder to make instant hot cocoa and for the bag of "Marrons Glacés"...Typical winter delicacy that is soooo tasty.

The grand total for this chocolate spree was 95€. This might seem a lot but think carefully about the prices in regular shops, the total would be a lot higher. So I believe I have enough chocolate to last a while and still give some away!

Now the two things this store doesn't have are the fresh choco mousse and the Neuhaus ice cream. I will still visit the city centre to enjoy these once in awhile ;)


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