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Making our own Furniture in 2017

I find that more and more we buy because it is easier than doing and quite often, we find ourselves unable to do simple things like hammering a nail. Damn not so long ago one of my neighbour needed help changing a light bulb... So in 2017, I will DO things myself...After all, if I can assemble Ikea shelves, it must not be impossible to build something else with old material laying around.

In the coming weeks, I have planned to start looking into the old stuffs we have in the apartment and how to reuse them. It starts with wood boards that we have in many sizes...Courtesy of the boyfriend who likes to disassemble furnitures but not throw away. The next step will be to assess what are the missing elements to create what I would like at the lowest cost.

In 2017, we learn to make tufted furniture with Home Made by Carmona

  1. A Diamond Tufted Bed Headboard - This is something that both the boyfriend and myself have wanted for sometime now...Actually since we moved in the apartment and bought our bed, the only problem is the price of a 2 meter long diamond tufted headboard, where to find it and such. After finding the DIY from Home Made by Carmona (which has gone viral for some time now) and reading the detailed steps to follow, I thought it would be a great couple activity and a wonderful way to get rid of the wood boards we have. In short, it's a win-win for everyone!

  2. The Diamond Tufted Storage Case - If we have the headboard, when not complete the look of the room with the storage that goes with it? If we succeed in tufting the headboard, we will repeat the process with the storage top yay!

  3. The Tufted Bench - Another discussion we've had is to replace some of our old chairs by a bench and again, there is only one style that seduces us: Tufted Benches. Obviously, we can recuperate some material from the old chairs that are falling apart so the challenge to achieve this at the lowest costs is half won.

Now January is the month of the sales so to succeed in making a project come true at the lowest costs couldn't be started at a better time! We will look at the fabrics offered by "Les Tissus du Chien Vert" and make our decision probably next week. The only thing we are struggling with is the foam but I am certain we will manage.

In terms of deadline, I would love if all projects could be completed by March but I will keep you posted regularly on how our successes, struggles and tips! So stay tuned!


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