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Belated Christmas Dinner @ BeWine

If you read my previous post about BeWine, then you are aware that I visited this restaurant not so long ago and was mindblown by my experience, yet again. So obviously my boyfriend and I decided to organise our family Christmas dinner at BeWine.


We had a short list of restaurants that could host our dinner but ultimately we always had in mind BeWine as our first choice. This was confirmed after our first visit of the year, it went so well that we wanted to share our love of this establishment with our respective families. We planned to have around 18 participants which represents almost the full capacity of the restaurant so Julien booked the entire evening for us...But it's not all, he also helped plan this special evening.

We had to accommodate both kids and adults, Chineses and Belgians, small and big eaters so this was not the easiest of tasks. A solution to please all was to focus on a nice assortment of appetizers that would reflect both the Christmas spirit and the generous French/Belgian cuisine. The result was simple yet delicious:

  • Fried Scampis and their sauce;

  • Chicken drumsticks;

  • Salmon Toasts;

  • Mushroom soup;

  • Croque Monsieur;

Looking at all the empty plates going back to the kitchen, I believe we can say everyone found something to their taste, even the kids! By the time we finished the appetizers, we had all the orders for starters and main courses ready in a very friendly atmosphere. What I really appreciated was the fact that starters could be ordered as main courses, thus doubling our choice!

Although most picked oysters as starters followed by a grilled sole as main course, we did go through most of the current menu, each course punctuated by a great wine (including a Châteauneuf du Pape). Be advised, at BeWine the corkage is of 18€, it might seem expensive but it is totally worth it for great bottles.

Here is a sample of what we ordered and that you can still enjoy until the menu changes! In our starters you will find grilled oysters and their celery cream, cannelloni with a prawn and leek stuffing and finally a risotto with mussels and scallops façon Paella. All three were delicious, the right size and nicely presented...A feast for both the eyes and the belly.

The main courses followed after some happy chatters and the traditional gift openings. The atmosphere was so merry and Julien made sure we didn't lack anything and were well-advised about the wine we would enjoy. Again, here is a sample of our food, not the nicest pictures but hey, we lost track of time and used our phones instead of the camera !! :)

Despite the bad pictures, you can clearly see that these plates were dressed with care...You probably know the saying "eating with your eyes", well it fully applies here. The dressing isn't just careful, it is thought through, just like the balance of flavours. With each bite you enjoy delightful savours, some that you know, some that you don't and maybe you will (re)discover a few.

My tip to you, dare to drive to Strombeek, push the door of BeWine and order something of the menu or let the chef guide you. This is the best way to spend a great moment if you are a food or wine lover in a quest to rediscover authentic recipes. We confirmed it twice and with 18 tasters of various ages and nationalities! BeWine makes everyone agree...


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