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Snackies Box from January 2017

Have you also heard of the infamous Snackies Box? And were you also disappointed to see that they only delivered to France? Well, you can now order also from Belgium and discover new snacks every month! I am really glad they expanded their delivery services, now I can finally try their boxes !!

The concept is similar to that of the Glossy Box and pals > Every month you receive a box full of surprises, in this case delicious healthy snacks to test. It's a nice way to discover new flavours, brands or to stay motivated while adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle. We know how hard it is to tame that sweet tooth at first...A little help is always appreciated!

Snackies Box offers several abonment choices from a One Off to 12 months. In my case I decided to try one and see what it contains before continuing. I also follow their Instagram account to check if they don't offer too often the same products...

So on January 13th I received my box, delivered by Colissimo precisely 2 days after I received the confirmation email that my package had been dispatched. The box arrived in good condition and after opening it, I found the precious...A cute Bag full of Snacks! This is a change from the previous boxes if I am not mistaken? Anyway, happy discovery!

If you follow my Instagram account then you already know the content of January right? But let's go through everything I received:

  • Little Miracles - Organic Energiser Drink (green tea, pomegranate, ginseng, acai and agave);

  • Crushed fast fruit snack - Apple & Banana;

  • Bio organic potato chips & paprika from the brand Trafo;

  • Punch Protein Nuts from Graze - Chili & Lime flavour;

  • Chocolatey super bites from Inspiral Visionary;

  • Proper Corn (done properly :) ) - Sweet Coconut & Vanilla;

  • Ginger & Turmeric Oaty from Rude Health;

  • A Stop Barre Choc & mint from GoodFull;

  • Dental mints - Lemon flavour from Peppersmith;

  • A little magnet with the recipe of Gold Milk;

Overall, I think I will like everything since it's a lot of sweet snacks and regular flavours, let's see which one will be added to my shelves in the coming weeks. My guess is the nuts, choco bites and oaties. I am also eager to test snacks with xylitol as replacement for regular sugar...I tested Stevia a few months ago and I didn't enjoy it nor tolerate it, my body said no...Let's see how this goes :)

Now besides the nice selection of snacks, the packaging and the shipping time, I am really happy to be able to order each item individually from Snackies webshop. Plus, their selection is expanding every month and that's a big plus! As for the price, I think they're quite similar to that of Origino and BioPlanet.

Snackies Box from January - Ordinary Brussels - Lifestyle & Food in Brussels

How can you order a box or snacks for yourself if you live in Belgium? Check the website of Snackies > http://snackies.fr/ and follow the instructions ;)


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