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BeWine's new menu - A blend of flavours and know-how

As of today you can enjoy a new menu carefully designed by the team of BeWine...And since I visited them yesterday evening for a birthday, I had the opportunity to be the very first taster. Let me tell you about that experience...

If you read my previous posts then you know that I hold BeWine in high esteem, both for their creativity and culinary skills that make every visit a delight. Yesterday again, their menu proved to be the perfect blend of flavours and know-how, a combo I urge you to try asap.

The experience started with a sheet of paper and a menu scribbled on it by the Chef and Julien, welcome to the backstages of BeWine. The list of dishes was short but very tempting and sometimes even curious. Do you like tartiflette? Have you ever imagined it turned into a croquette? Have you ever tried home smoked tuna? This is what you can expect from this menu: novelty, boldness and balance.

After ordering from the new menu, almost everything, a delicious zucchini soup was served and with yesterday's weather, it was most welcome and warming. As you can see on the menu you can choose from 3 starters > Cheese Croquette, Tuna and Scallops and 3 main courses > Whiting, Poultry and Stag. For those of you that might think this choice of bland, fear not, the delight is found in the details!

The starters we ordered arrived all together and nicely dressed. The cheese croquettes were actually made of real tartiflette and not just reblochon (e.g. containing the oignons, lardons,...) and when you think about it, turning such a wintery dish into a croquette is simple but smart. The breadcrumbs coating adds a new crunchy dimension that is very appreciable and surprising.

The next plate was the Scallops with a cauliflower cream and peas vinaigrette, a blend of softness and sourness. I was quite surprised with the peas vinaigrette which added a twist to a simple preparation like scallops. As for the cauliflower cream, it tasted like a cloud...I know it's cliché but in this case...so true!

Finally, another plate that I really loved and found special was the smoked wild tuna or as I would call it...The tuna millefeuille served with soya bean sprouts, soy sauce and sesame oil. The trick with this starter lies with the wild tuna slices which are smoked by BeWine. I am usually weary of anything smoked as I don't like for this technique to waste the taste a delicious piece of fish. I very much appreciated the fact that they didn't "over smoked" the main ingredient of this preparation, I could still enjoy the savour of tuna, soy, sesame and at the same the notes of charcoal.

Now for the main courses...I would say that you can expect some French Classics that the Chef mastered and brought maybe to a new level such as the "Stag slab Sauce Grand Veneur". Offering an ambitious menu on paper is one thing, but to really bring perfect dishes to customers the choice of ingredients is as important as the technique. When you visit BeWine, you can be certain that whatever you choose, it will be prepared with quality ingredients such as great meats: free range chicken/poultry, super tender big games, juicy and tasty ribs...And the list goes on.

Two ordered the free range poultry with a mushroom stuffing and a morel cream, another went for the stag slab Sauce Grand Veneur and one decided to try the only main course he had not yet picked from the previous menu...The pigeon with peas and carrots. One word fits all of these main courses: Delicious!

In every case the cooking was perfect, the meat was tender and juicy...And the sauce added a unique and distinctive touch to the dishes. The plates were again nicely dressed and the proportion sizes were well calculated for one person. I must admit we shared food so everyone could try all three dishes. Besides the pigeon which had a powerful taste that might not suit all, we really enjoyed every bite and even the youngest was eager to discover new tastes.

The only dish we didn't try was the whiting with onions and lardons au Barolo but if this main course is anything like the fishes I tried previously, it must be a fine treat!

Obviously since we were dining at BeWine for a birthday, two cakes followed which we shared with a couple that was also there to celebrate a birthday... Lovely coincidence! The atmosphere was as usual nice and friendly with Julien taking good care of us and accommodating our whims...We forgot the candles for the cakes...But hey, it is all these little anecdotes that make for a nice evening!

I don't think I need to mention again that your lunch/dinner should be enjoyed with a glass of wine from the extensive cellar of BeWine? Another piece of news for you, besides the new menu, is the new formulas > 1/2 starter + 1/2 main course or 2 1/2 starters and 2 1/2 main courses...

Can't decide what to eat? Why not order the entire menu in half portions? Check the Facebook Account of BeWine to know the latest news...


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