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Coco Donuts - The Handmade Belgian Donuts

Coco Donuts is the story of two Brussels foodies who turned a passion intro a huge success. The concept was born in Australia and is both simple and salivating: handmade donuts delivered to you. I believe we hold indeed the recipe to success! It starts with talent, a soft and sweet pastry, delicious toppings and a delivery system...

Today, Coco Donuts does not only deliver, they also opened a shop Rue Sainte Marie in the Sablon area. I visited the address on Sunday and was pleasantly surprised. I hesitated a lot before buying these donuts, mainly because the latest reviews on C.D's Facebook page were not so good: "the dough isn't that of a donut", "the dough is too dry and hardens quickly...Impossible to keep for 24h"...In the end I went to make my own opinion.

Coco Donuts Front Window - Ordinary Brussels - Lifestyle & Food Blog

First of all, the shop is located in a calm street overlooking the Place du Sablon and its high-end chocolate shops. The front window is simply decorated and cute and a little terrasse has been set up, with blankets since it is winter. I believe it can accommodate 8-10 people, and the inner "café area" is about the same size or a bit bigger.

Upon entering, I was greated by Chloé and Candice who both were really nice and cheerful. They presented all the flavours and were ready to help at any moment with my hesitations. There are about 20 differents flavours available, many being presented in wooden crates...They're all calling for you trust me.

The choice was difficult...Chocolate Crunchy, Chocolate Hazelnut, Oreo, Peanut Butter & Jam, Maple Syrup and Bacon, Violet & Cuberdon,...In the end I settled for Sneakers, Chocolate Crunchy and Maple Syrup and Bacon to test some regular flavours and some more audacious for 10.5€. Note that I bought them around 11AM and wandered the streets of Brussels with my donuts until 1PM before heading home and they held up nicely.

The first bite was really lovely...The dough was soft, a little moist and not too sugary, the topping was thin but just right to give these donuts a twist. A major plus with the Coco Donuts is the fact that the dough is not greasy. Apparently they are fried for only 2 minutes so it might be why and the dough is made with just a pinch of sugar so I don't feel too guilty for devouring a few... In short, this recipe ensures a perfect blend of flavours and textures between the dough and topping for a maximum pleasure.

Being of a curious nature, I kept one donut in the refrigerator until the next morning, wanting to understand those urban legends about Coco Donuts hardening...Well, at first it seemed indeed a bit hard but once I took a bite, I realised it was still very (very!) soft. So in short, you can keep your donuts for 24h and still eat them without breaking a tooth but obviously it's best to enjoy them on the spot :D

You can order online and get these delivered OR you can pick them up at the shop. Three will cost 10.5€ and Six will be 20€.

Enjoy them on a beautiful cold day, with a warm coffee or cocoa drink! It's the best way to end the weekend...


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