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Dinner at the Villa Singha

Not so long ago, I went with my familly to a restaurant in Auderghem called "Villa Singha". If memory serves this restaurant already existed when I was a child and had a reputation for serving excellent Thaï food. This last fact remains true and many citizens of Auderghem will back this up.

We booked a table for 7:30 PM and were the first ones in the restaurant. We were greeted by a nice thai waitress who showed us to our table and installed us. The restaurant doesn't look like much...It is a wide room with some typical Thai decoration but nothing too fancy. The menu however is a lot more interesting!

Everything in the menu is typically Thaï with a few variations such as : fish, praws, chicken, beef, pork, veggies. The choice ranges from curry to Pad Thai or fried rice. There are some not so typical options as well but most of the menu is obvious...Everyone knows Pad Thais or curries, nothing so special about these besides the fact that the recipe is amazing! (which is something)

So all in all, Villa Singha sticked to the classics and it looks like they betted everything on their cooking skills and presentations.

I find this bet a tiny bit risky but after experiencing their cooking, I would say it is fine. The biggest downside for me is to know precisely what to expect...There was no dish on the menu that I had never heard of before or tried. Now let me walk you through the dishes we choose...

For the starters we decided to try the "Yam Nua - Laab Ped", a salad made of thaï herbs and duck or beef meat; the "Peek Kai Yad Sai", chicken wings with a pork/vermicelli and herbs stuffing; and finally the "Laab Kai / Laab Moo" which is made of minced meat and herbs as well. I cook some of these recipes at home so it was fun to test these dishes at an authentic thai restaurant.

We weren't disappointed with the result, but I must say we were not blown away either. In Villa Singha's defense, I must admit we are accustomed to food in/from Thailand itself haha...Been traveling there for almost 10 years I guess you can't beat those flavours even if a thai cook is behind the stove ... You're still in Brussels and the ingredients probably make the whole difference :)

During the entire time we were enjoying our food, the staff was really sweet and attentive to our needs, even the owner came to say hi and ask if everything was going well. This is something that I like about this restaurant...We will never find yourself missing anything.

The main courses arrived not too long after we finished the starters. I felt like eating lots of veggies so I picked the Pad Pak Khung (stir fried veggies with prawns) while the rest of the family took curries. I must say these were quite delicious, both the green and red variations !! I would definitely recommend you to have a curry if you ever visit Villa Singha.

To go back to my statement from above,...Villa Singha provides a menu built around well-known thai dishes and bets everything on a good cook behind the stove who masters his classics. If this is what you are looking for, then I recommend this restaurant to you. You will spend a lovely quite evening enjoying Thai classics. If you are looking for non traditional thai food then you might want to try another address.

IF you have hestitations, why don't you have a look at Villa Singha's menu? Click here

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