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Bosen ~ Where beauty is awakened

Recently I discovered an institute not too far from my place called Bosen which in Vietnamese means Lotus Lake. A very delicate and poetic name reflecting the philosophy of this institute and its owner: Lan. This lady is a bit of a super woman, always cheerful and juggling with her work, her family and training courses to improve her techniques. She is a bit of an inspiration...A strong yet gentle person :)

Gel Manicure @ Bosen - Ordinary Brussels - Lifestyle & Food in Brussels

I went there for my nails which were is a poor state...Thank you house cleaning and the cats...and was very pleased with the result. At first I must admit I wasn't sure what to do so I let Lan guide me through the process. First of all she gently cleaned my hands and nails before filing them into a nice shape. She took care of my cuticles and cleaned all the dust and residues off. It already looked better.

Just so you can imagine the challenge, I arrived there with little wounds from the cat claws and fangs, which were irritated because I spring cleaned without wearing gloves...It was a real mess...At some point I wondered if having a manicure wouldn't worsen the situation but it did not, just the opposite :)

With a clean base, aka nails filed and cuticles taken care of, we started to look at the colors Bosen had in store for a gel manicure...I had to choose from about 100 tints and effects from the brand Pronails but I really like nude tones and classic colors so it wasn't too difficult. I picked a nice beige nude and Lan dug a lovely rose gold sparkly color from her drawers...She is really good at making an idea come to life!! I wanted something simple with a little something special, here it was.

The layering process was kind of long but Lan is chatty so time flew by very fast, that's something I like about Institutes, we chit-chat a lot and the atmosphere is really friendly. felt so nice...So as you can see, everything went smoothly and the result is really what I wanted...I was beyond happy!

Today, it is my second week with my gel manicure and it is holding on nicely, it is still perfectly in place, no scratches...I am impressed. In the past, I had a gel done by an beautician (doing her business home) and after a week or so the gel was falling off. The experience with Bosen is definitely a lot better.

My next appointment is planned early March, we'll see how it goes. The only that I don't like about gels is the UV lamps which are not so good for the skin. And I always wonder how my nails are doing under such heavy layers of gel...I guess we'll see...


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