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Birthday Dinner at Tangla Hotel

I recently had a birthday dinner at the Tangla Hotel, a place I had heard of before but never visited. This hotel, one of the many 5* of the famous Chinese chain, is said to be the first Orientally inspired design hotel to arrive in the European capital, Brussels. It is located close to the Boulevard de la Woluwe and the UCL Clinic... Easy to access, but away from traffic, noise and the city stress.

View from the Tangla Hotel Parking - Ordinary Brussels

Upon arrival you are faced with the lovely sight of nature and a windmill which is quite uncommon in Brussels. In this lovely environment you will hear the wind and the sound of the water from the fountain in the parking...Just so peaceful!

Being a hotel, Tangla has a restaurant with the capacity to accommodate its many guests and was designed with taste...Starting with a glass cellar and a few antiquities. The first thing you will notice are the detox water dispensers and the soup counter. I was surprised to see real Chinese stock in each pot and from what the boyfriend tells me (he is quite picky), it was really well prepared.

Tangla Hotel Restaurant - Ordinary Brussels

The rest of the buffet is composed is small but you should find something to taste rather easily and if not, you can still count on the wok corner. There are cold entries like sushis and salad but also a few warm option like pizza slices and foccacias. But what should interest you are the 6 Chinese dishes served as main courses and rather authentic. Now I will guess that most visitors of Tangla are Chinese so it should not be a surprise that they serve good Chinese food ;) But in Brussels, I am always a bit surprised!

The wok corner is small with one man attending his post all evening. If the restaurant is crowded I can tell you he will struggle because the formula is an all you can eat...Orders for seafood can go crazy! We did experience a little wait and had to remind the waiter that we still had not received our order...A few times. But the wait is worth it: plates of shrimps, salmon and diced beef are lovely!

One of the strong asset of Tangla is its staff, always smiling and willing to help in multiple languages. I really liked their way of handling stress and have each other's back. Team work is the key!

For desert we had ordered a cake, made by the chef at Tangla, but also enjoyed quite a few delicacies from the buffet, namely: the chocolate tart and pana cotta. Both were good, especially the tart which was made of pure dark chocolate! They're not kidding when they announce a chocolate tart, I can tell you! As for the birthday cake, it was light and delicious but sooooo big!

I believe we were among the last tables to leave the restaurant, after making many pictures of the cake, our food and asking the waiter to make a souvenir pic with the whole family. Oh my it was a funny evening! I believe we paid about 32€ per person which may seem like much but considering we are in a hotel and that you can eat as much as you want...

If you want to give Tanlga Hotel a try, here is where you can find the Hotel. I would suggest to call to reserve a table as regular customers would come first. The restaurant opens at 7PM but if you arrive early as we did, you can enjoy a drink while waiting!


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