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The Alternative to Apero's in Bars

Since the end of May, days are longer, sunnier and happier...And now the Apero season is officially open! Traditionally you probably would go to a bar, enjoy a few drinks and finger foods but is it really the best option? With this weather, bars are crowded, music is loud and you might want to find an alternative. Here is one for you: Markets!

Apéro Markets - Ordinary Brussels

Don't underestimate markets, they are not just about selling veggies and fruits. Just last week, I found myself in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre looking for the Nata Mobile (pink little truck selling Pastel de Nata) and ended up having an amazing apero on the market itself. There was a little bar serving beer, sangria, juices, soft drinks as well as food > giant Pretzels, ham and cheese plates, olives, really good flammekueche baked on site and more!

What I really loved about this apero is that there was space, it was not crowded at all, we were in open air, there was music and birds singing... So if you are like me and you enjoy being able to talk to your friends without shouting, a market is the place to be. If you like to meet new people from the neighbourhood and taste local food and drinks, then it's another reason to give it a try.

Now you might think about Apéro Urbains and Apéro in the park but to be honest, both options are suffering from their popularity already ;) As such, I suggest you check on Google the list of markets taking place in your neighbourhood and check what they have to offer!


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