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New designer addiction: Camélia from Roma

Scrolling on Instagram, I spotted a lovely bag designed by Camélia from Roma. Intrigued, I decided to check this name on Google and found a website full of treasures: Leather Handbag heaven. Surprisingly enough, while checking the items available I couldn't find one costing above 115€...

Camelia Leather Handbag - Ordinary Brussels

This is how the story started, by going through my Instagram feed and checking out what seemed to be a cute bag. Upon landing on the Camelia website, I was greeted by many colourful handbags, all made of leather. At that point, I was still concentrated on finding that cute little bag from Instagram, I started drooling on everything else only afterwards...

I easily found the precious, available in 7 colours ranging from Black to Red and Beige. Let's just say there is enough choice for every taste...and wardrobe. This bag, sorry that I don't have its name, is stunning and all you can hope for:







For 95€ this is a great bargain so I couldn't resist and placed an order. Now whoever is handling the orders at Camelia is fast because my order was shipped very quickly with GLS. Not even two days later, I received my order as announced by Camelia and the GLS parcel tracker. All in all, really good so far, but wait there is more to come!

The box I received was quite big, I didn't know why at first since the bag I order was 27x22x17...When I opened the box I understood...The Camelia team doesn't joke with packaging and details: the bag was protected by a dust bag and sitting in a stunning white box with a little black bow and a white camelia flower...That's the kind of packaging that makes an impression and feels luxurious. It obviously reminds you of the Chanel or Hermès unboxing:)

The bag inside was perfect: big enough to carry my essentials, a nude colour with golden details to make it ultra special, perfect finish...It is stunning and classy. This is the kind of bag that brings your outfit to the next level.

As you can guess, this is when I started to really look at the rest of the Camelia website...And added 11 items to my wishlist. If you visit the website, you will spot a few designs reminding you of Valentino bags but all having their special features. If you are not ready to spend thousands of euros on designer bags, this is an amazing alternative while keeping the style and quality intact.

If you spot a bag you like on Camelia, head to Instagram to check what it looks like in reality, how to style it and what is its real size. I find this quite handy and this way you really know what you are buying...

Now, I am going to plan my next purchase...Or purchases, enjoy!


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