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May/June in a nutshell

With the significative weather improvement we have seen in May and now in June, lifestyle and habits evolve to be more lively and cheerful. It means more aperos, restaurants, terraces, activities, sport and hobbies.

  1. I have tested the new "Clinic Fresh Pressed 7-day system with Vitamin C" Skin Care but wasn't so impressed with the result after a week.

  2. Went back again to Chez Fleur and wasn't disappointed!! The food is as good as ever.

  3. Enjoyed the apero at a little market in Woluwé plus a few pastel de nata.

  4. Healthy habits are back together with the sunny weather.

  1. It has been a while since I walked in the Parc Solvay but it was totally worth it...So calm, stunning and relaxing.

  2. Discovered the new chocolate barres from Pierre Marcolini...Colourful packaging and delicious content.

  3. Made a stop at the Nespresso Bar from the Woluwé Shopping Center while waiting for my order to be ready.

  4. Tulips, Tulips, Tulips! They brighten a room so easily with their springy colours!

  1. Received this ball from a supplier! Breaks are a lot funnier now and sometimes sporty!

  2. Devoured this really good stuffed eggplant from l'Arc-en-Ciel in Auderghem, this is one of my favourite meals.

  3. We organised at Birthday/Pinata Party and it was so much fun preparing it!

  4. Completely changed my desk style recently and it makes working a lot nicer :)

  1. Went back to Pantalona in Molenbeek for a dinner with friends, those pasta were to die for!!

  2. Spent an amazing afternoon at the Bar de l'Amusoir in Waterloo, such a good time.

  3. Found cute items to further change my desk style.

  4. My new bag addictions: Camélia from Roma...


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