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Adopting a natural deo cream?

You might not think too much about it in Autumn and Winter when the weather is colder, but in Spring and Summer, the need for an efficient deo arises quickly. I had shifted a few years ago from regular deodorants to more natural options but this June, I found a better deal with the brand Clémence & Vivien.

Deo Cream Le Sucré by Clemence & Vivien

Several times I saw on Instagram acquaintances recommending the Clem' & Vivien product line as a perfect substitute for regular cosmetics so why not test it? The first item on my wishlist was the cream deodorant called "Le Sucré" and more specifically the Ylang-Ylang and Cedar scent. I ordered it mid-June, received the package about 4 days later and started testing it.

Why use this natural deo cream?

Regular deodorants are full of chemicals and lets face it, our armpits are sensitive and nests our lymph nodes...Which is a good enough reason not too use chemical deodorants for me. I wanted a more natural version, but still efficient. The recipe used by Clémence & Vivien has a simple enough ingredients list (88% of it is biological) and no aluminium in it.

It includes: corn starch to absorb the sweat, garlic to kill bacteria (I think), essential oils for the scent and a few more items. But overall, nothing nasty or any unpronounceable names and this is a big plus in my opinion.

On top of that the cream allows you to really decide on the amount you need so you tend to save a lot of product. The texture is not greasy so it is really convenient: no moist feeling all day, no stains on the clothing. It is great!

After a week of using this new deo...

I have not had any issues with this deo. The scent last for at last half a day and the sweat is perfectly absorbed. Some days, when we melt at 34 degrees, I applied a new layer after lunch it is necessary to stay fresh and dry.

So far, I have barely used the top of the pot so really not that much. I think at this rate Le Sucré will last until the end of the year or longer. I wouldn't be surprised. In short, it is a great bargain for 7,90€ and I will reorder!

Special note: this product doesn't melt even if it stays in a warm bag under 30°C!

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