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Pin, the perfect place for a friendly Asian meal

Recently discovered on the Chinese social media, Pin is the restaurant you should visit if you want to enjoy Korean grill and Chinese hotpot at the same table with friends. Opened since March in the lively city centre of Brussels, close to Kam Yuen Supermarket, this establishment offers a mix of conviviality and fun with its "do it yourself" formula.

When you walk in you will be greeted by the staff of course but also by the sight of massive tables with at their centre a Korean grill as well as 4 induction coils (on per corner). Yep, it's one of these that the magic will happen ;) You will soon be given an iPad to order drinks and a sheet of paper to order your menu: Korean BBQ + Hot pot, BBQ alone, Meat and Veggies, Meat/Sea foods and veggies,... I can honestly said the choice is large enough.

Pin Korean BBQ and Chinese Hot Pot

After you have decided on your main menu, then comes the times to precise what you want to eat. You can have up to 3 services and choose the quantity of each food you want. For example, during the first service you will want 3x 3 pieces of kangaroo meat, 1 x 3 prawns, 2 x 3 pieces of tofu, and so on. Just write your wish on the paper and someone from the staff will take the order and bring your food. If you manage to finish everything you ordered during round 1, then go for round 2 or 3 ;) Beware, waste will cost you 10€ per 100gr so don't be overambitious.

In my case, we were three and decided to take 1 menu BBQ Meat + Hot Pot mushroom flavour, 1 menu BBQ Meat + Hot Pot spicy and 1 Menu BBQ Meat and Seafoods. We ordered a bit of everything in various quantities, I can't honestly remember and forgot to take a picture. However i can tell you that the little cart next to our table was full! One of the staff light up our BBQ and Hot Pots and the show began...

We obviously started to grill a bunch of meats and seafoods and while these were cooking we concocted our seasoning at the "sauces stand": peanut sauce, sesame sauce, sesame oil, young onions, garlic paste, fermented tofu, you name it they probably have it. We took a bit of everything, combine a bunch of the above and prepared our very own super yummy seasoning.

We changed the cooking sheet on the BBQ 3 times in total during round 1, the staff is very attentive and will change it for you when needed. It was a really fun experience to cook together our little BBQs and Hot Pots and make our own sauces. We try sometimes to do it home but cleaning is a bit of a nightmare, as such this was a great deal: all the fun and no hassle.

Price wise, Pin is great for a big eater as the formulas includes 3 services. Your lunch or Dinner should costs you between 25€ and 28€ with seafood included.


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