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Lunchin' at Pho & Banh Mi

As you have probably read in the previous post, I recently changed job and this is the perfect opportunity to explore a new neighbor. When I say new, I am lying because I grew up in Auderghem but I must admit I haven’t visited lately…Shame on me!

What I realized almost instantly is that Auderghem has become the neighbor with (probably) the highest concentration of Asian citizens in Brussels. Just around the main streets (Chaussée de Wavre/Boulevard du Souverain) you will find at least 3 Asian supermarkets, a Japanese school, a Japanese library as well as a dozen Asian restaurants if not more. This is where you will find Panda for example, the Chinese restaurant I presented HERE. Today, I will share about a Vietnamese restaurant called Pho and Banh Mi that I visited end of August.

I passed in front of this restaurant several times before actually entering because it didn’t seem like much at first sight. But one afternoon, the BF and I were looking for a place to eat and it was the only restaurant opened at 2:30 and still taking customers. This is how we discovered Pho and Banh Mi…

The restaurant isn’t big but when you enter, you feel cozy immediately. You have a direct view into the kitchen where the magic happens, hence a direct contact with the family who will prepare your soup. Another great point is that the menu is short and rather well mastered, it consists of 8 soups with 2 variants: Medium and Large. You will also find a few starters like spring rolls, nems and gyozas as well as the infamous Banh Mi which is great for lunch.

Typically, it only takes 10-15 minutes to have your order before you together with a bunch of seasoning options > green onions, chili, soy sauce, and more! Every bowl is well presented, of a good size and full of aromatic herbs. I must admit that I often struggle to finish my own bowl but it is light and delicious!! The only minus that I find about Pho and Banh Mi is with the opening hours…Only for lunch during 11AM and 3PM during the week, on Friday evening from 5:30PM to 9PM and closed on weekends. Other than that, everything is perfect and especially the service!

Note that a medium bowl of Pho costs 10€ and the large costs 12€. As for starters, they range from 5€ to 6€. It's really not expensive and you can even enjoy a menu with a starter, a pho and a soft drink for only 13,5€.

And before I forget, they started to make Bo Bun and Nem Bun recently for 12€!! Check the official website to find out the latest changes/upgrades in the menu!


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